Alexandria Turner

Editor-in-Chief, Boys' Magazines and Comics at
DC Thomson Media

"Kirsten is a first-rate comic writer and editor who has a depth of understanding about comic history and the current market. Always organised, friendly and hard-working, she is an asset to every team or project she is involved with. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kirsten and I continue to be impressed by her knowledge, creativity and ability to get things done. Under Kirsten’s editorship, Commando sales stabilised and the title became more profitable, proving that she has both the commercial and creative integrity to make a comic successful."

Ian Kennedy

British Comics Artist

"As Commando cover artist for some considerable time, I was somewhat apprehensive on learning that a young lady was to be the new editor of a publication recognised for its portrayal of many facets of war etc, which were obviously “before her time”.

However, my fears have proved groundless, as she appears, from my point of view, to have been successful as editor of Commando.

Despite our all too short professional relationship, I have no hesitation in vouching for Kirsten’s undoubted abilities in the sphere of publishing."

Iain McLaughlin

Writer, Journalist, Editor, Producer

"I hugely enjoyed working with Kirsten. I always found her enormously supportive and creative. She always gave clear guidance on what she wanted but also gave me the freedom and support to write. She understands character and plot development and always offered positive suggestions and feedback. Kirsten is hard-working and committed. She always puts in the effort and she's always about making the end product the best it can be. Working with her was always a positive experience and I really hope to work with her again in the future."

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kirsten. She was encouraging, easy to work with and knowledgeable about my target market. I really appreciated her editing skills and creativity and looked forward to her organized feedback and suggestions. She really understood my voice as well as each character's personality and helped them and the story truly come to life. Kirsten is an outstanding, easygoing and conscientious editor, who made me feel comfortable about telling this story. I will definitely utilize her skill again. Thank you, Kirsten!”

Debra White

Independent Author